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Kingsbeer Construction Ltd trading as Steel Shed Systems have the distinct advantage in the commercial building industry of being able to offer you a fully designed, engineered and built commercial service whilst ensuring that the project is finished to the highest of standards accepted by residential builders.

It is well known in the industry that there is a vast difference between a residential builder and a commercial builder when it comes to quality and finish.  With Kingsbeer Construction you reap the rewards of experiencing the low costs associated with a commercial builder, whilst benefiting from a top quality residential finish.  This is ideal for those projects where you may be integrating a warehouse or industrial project with offices or retail space.

Alongside traditional products such as tiltslabs, structural steel, roll-formed steel and gib-board, we work closely with Metrapanel to create a cost-effective, durable, high finish interior.

Due to our vast experience over the past 20 years in the building industry we specialise in:

Commercial Solutions

  • Big box retail
  • Churches
  • Shop units
  • Warehouses
  • School gyms and halls
  • Fitness centres

Industrial Solutions

  • Factories
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Storage
  • Warehouses


  • Feed storage
  • Operation sheds
  • Horse arenas
  • Utility sheds
  • Workshops
  • Vehicle storage

 Steel Shed Systems Deliver

Together, with your vision and our innovative engineering and design skills, we will custom make you a Smarter, Stronger and Superior steel structure.

Your dreams will become reality 

Steel Shed Systems will cost, design and engineer rural, industrial and commercial steel buildings anywhere throughout New Zealand. At Steel Shed Systems we are proud to stand 100% behind our buildings with the knowledge that they are made to an exceptional standard. We are committed to providing you with superior service and buildings of the highest quality.


Steel Shed Systems are 100% New Zealand owned, engineered and designed. Our products are locally made from the finest resources. Steel Shed Systems have an advanced team of qualified builders and engineers pooling resources to create buildings with the combination of lightweight and structural steel.

Steel Shed Systems understand and recognize the value of architecture. We will provide you with a building that is not only superior in strength, design and function but is 100% aesthetically pleasing and great value for money.


At Steel Shed Systems we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of your unique business, production workflow and warehousing requirements. We design buildings that will not only be fit for the purpose required but will add value to your business. With our specialised design software you are able to see your building come to life, enabling you to help with design decisions, all before you commit to a full building contract. We design and plan your project from conception through to completion.

Steel Shed Systems work hand in hand with councils and have engineers and planners to ensure you will have a fully compliant, commercial building that is tailor-made to meet your requirements.

All steel used at Steel Shed Systems is incredible sustainable. Our steel has the ability to be re-used and recycled. Steel is a natural product which is an unlimited resource.


Iconic steel structures last the test of time. They are bolted and riveted together for maximum strength. 

At Steel Shed Systems we too have this superior strength. The strength of our buildings is state of the art. Portal frames in our steel sheds are capable of supporting an extra 1000Kgs of weight after building completion. This weight bearing capacity results from our portal design characteristics. Anchor brackets are cast in reinforced concrete footings and double-sided brackets bolted at the knee and ridge joints. All building foundations are reinforced with high tensile steel up to 3m deep.

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